Outstanding outdoor activity with experienced guides and first class equipment! Easy and scenic ferrata tour. There is one somewhat demanding part at the begging of the tour – climbing a rock where you experience a little adrenaline rush. The rest is pure pleasure! We went in December when the river Čikola is at its best and most wild. The views were simply amazing! Many thanks to our friendly and professional tour guide Antonia!

By Ivan, Croatia 

This is an easy adventure with amazing views, a little bit of adrenaline and finally with a sense of accomplishment. The guidew are friendly, responsible and fun. The gear they use is brand new. They will take care of you, your safety, mood and provide you with beautiful photos on top. Absolutely recommended.

By Kat, Slovenia

The guided tour was amazingly graceful and challenging at the same time. We found ourselves climbing the most delicate rock of the tour right at the beginning experiencing a great deal of fear. However, thanks to our experienced guides we could focus on climbing and comfortably rising to the promising start of the hiking route. At that point, we instantly began enjoying the tour. The experienced guides communicated generously a huge amount of practical advice on where to put our legs and hands. The delightful feeling, you’ll get at the end of this trip, is very rewarding and worth all your efforts! Many sincere thanks to Antonia and Igor for being magnificent guides.

By Kristina, Germany

Her majesty Dinara!

This was our first time hiking the Dinara mountain. We were accompanied by Antonia, guide from the Sibenik Outdoor Adventure team. We started the adventure at 6 am by driving to the city of Vrlika where we had breakfast. At 8 am we started the hike to Dinara from Mirkovic village. That day the northern wind was quite hard, with some snow, so we hiked the route which avoids being exposed to the wind as much as possible. Most of the hike is through the forrest and there are no cliffs or slippery arreas. After about 3 and a half hours we reached the shelter situated on 1500 m. It’s a small shed which offers protection from wind/rain/snow.

You could bring your sleeping bag and spend the night there. There is a fire place but it didn’t work properly when we were there. We rested for about an hour in the shelter, ate and changed our wet clothes, and enjoyed the scenery of snowy Dinara. It took us about three hours of hiking down to reach our car below the mountain. The descent is not very steep and hiking poles help to save the knees. We enjoyed a lot this hike and we appreciated very much the guidance of experienced and cheerful Antonia. She told us a lot about the nature and mountaineering along the way and her cheerfulness made our hiking efforts easier.

We are very grateful for this experience and hope to hike Dinara again in the summer. If you go in winter we would reccommend you to bring a warm waterproof jacket, good sturdy shoes, hiking poles, hat, sunglasses, gloves, addittional pair of socks and shirt, as well as water and some food.

By Franka, France

Thanks to Šibenik Outdoor Adventure we had momerable and great trip to peak of Dinara. Recommend them for any kind of adventure in mountains. Thank you Antonia and Leo!

By Ernestas, Lithuania

They’re friendly, kind and passionate about what they do! Easy to talk to and fun to be with. It was a great experience, 10/10 would recommend.

By Anna, Spain

More than one month ago I had the chance to reach the peak of Dinara (1830m) with this super team. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

By Robin, Belgium

Thank you for allowing me to experience the true Croatian wilderness! It’s the best thing I did in Croatia!

By Damien, France

Thank you Sibenik Outdoor Adventure for being a passionate nature lover and willing to share your knowledge and experience with us! We hiked the Dinara mountain for the first time in life in winter, and the professionalism and cheerfulness of our guides made our hiking effors become a pleasure. Would recommend very much!

Went for Čikola canyon via ferrata which was a spectacular and at the same time not too difficult experience. Brand new gear is used and the guides are professional, taking care of personal safety, pointing out the nicest ways, briefly explain some history and provide you with awesome photos of the adventure. Would go again any time.

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