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Antonia Viljac

Antonia graduated from economics and management in Zagreb, but life took her in another direction, far away from office work. She has been an active mountaineer for the past 13 years and mountaineering became her way of living. After many years of volunteering and acquiring knowledge and skills in the Croatian mountain club Sv. Mihovil, Antonia decided to take up business, start an adventure tourism agency and become her own boss. A courageous or a crazy endeavour? Her family worried that such activity will not be able to ‘put food on her table’. However, persistence, creativity, hard work and coming up with new projects and bringing them to life, brings Antonia everyday satisfaction and purpose.

Short info about successfully completed courses:

  • 2013. – General mountaineering school
  • 2014. – Speleology school
  • 2015. – UIAA licenced mountaineer guide in social excursions, A standard
  • 2016. – High altitude mountaineering course
  • 2017. – First aid course, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
  • 2017. – Adventure tourism management course, Croatian Chamber of Economy and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
  • 2017. – Winter conditions rescuing techniques course, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
  • 2017. – Alpinism course
  • 2018. – Summer conditions rescuing techniques course, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
  • 2019. – Speleology rescue course, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
  • 2021. – Sport climbing school – Croatian Sports Climbing Association
  • 2021. – Guardian of Mountain Nature
  • 2022. – IRATA Level 1 ( International rope access training) – rope access technician 
  • 2024. – Course for hiking in winter conditions, licensed mountain guide by UIAA (B) standard

Some of her most valued climbs include Ama Dablam in Nepal (6.814m), Aconcagua in South America (6.962m), Elbrus in Russia (5.642m), Aratat in Turkey (5.137m), Mont Blanc in France (4.810m), Grossglockner in Austria (3.798m) and Triglav in Slovenia (2.864m), and many more.

Also walked the entire length of Velebit mountain from north to south for 130 kilometres and the entire Dinara mountain from the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia to Knin in Croatia for 150 kilometres. She loves mountaineering in Monte Negro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy and in many more interesting mountain chains. She adores climbing classical alpinist routes and sometimes also exploring pits and caves with her speleology colleagues.


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